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April, 2019
Sl.No.Day Date Event
1Monday01 Apr 2019New Session begins Half Day (Staff Meeting)
2Tuesday02 Apr 2019New Session begins for L.K.G.
3Saturday13 Apr 2019Ram Navami
4Wednesday17 Apr 2019Mahaveer Jayanti
5Thursday18 Apr 2019HOLY THURSDAY
6Thursday18 Apr 2019GOOD FRIDAY
7Saturday20 Apr 2019HOLY SATURDAY
8Sunday21 Apr 2019EASTER
May, 2019
Sl.No.Day Date Event
1Wednesday01 May 2019Worker's Day: Special Assembly
2Thursday02 May 2019Colouring Competition (L.K.G & U.K.G)
3Thursday16 May 2019Summer Vacation Begins
4Saturday18 May 2019Buddha Poornima
June, 2019
Sl.No.Day Date Event
1Wednesday05 Jun 2019Id-Ul-Fitr
2Saturday15 Jun 2019Parent Teachers Meeting
3Saturday29 Jun 2019Staff Orientation Programme
July, 2019
Sl.No.Day Date Event
1Monday01 Jul 2019School Re-opens at 7:5 a.m.(FULL DAY)
2Wednesday03 Jul 20191st Unit Assessment Begin
3Monday15 Jul 2019Investiture Ceremony
4Wednesday17 Jul 2019Inter House Football Tournament begins
5Saturday20 Jul 2019School Picnic (Classes 5 to 12)
6Sunday21 Jul 2019ST.PETER'S DAY
7Saturday27 Jul 2019Solo Singing Competition (Class 2 to 5)
August, 2019
Sl.No.Day Date Event
1Saturday03 Aug 2019Inter House Patriotic Singing Competition (Class 6 to 8)
2Monday05 Aug 2019Choral Recitation Begins(CL-6 to 8)
3Friday09 Aug 2019Inter House Debate Competition (Class 9 to 12)
4Saturday10 Aug 2019Fancy Dress Competition (Class L.K.G & U.K.G)
5Monday12 Aug 2019Id-Ul-Zuha
6Tuesday13 Aug 2019Patriotic Dance Competition (Class 1 to 5)
7Thursday15 Aug 2019Independence Day /Raksh Bandhan(Attendance Compulsory)
8Friday16 Aug 2019Inter House Table Tennis Tournament Begins
9Saturday17 Aug 2019Parent Teachers Meeting/Staff Meeting
10Friday23 Aug 2019Janmastami
11Saturday24 Aug 2019English Essay Writing Competition (class 6 to 12)
12Wednesday28 Aug 2019Hindi Debate Competition (Class-6 to 8)
13Saturday31 Aug 2019Calligraphy Competition (Class 1 to 5)
September, 2019
Sl.No.Day Date Event
1Monday02 Sep 2019inter house collage competition
2Thursday05 Sep 2019Teacher's Day Celebration (Half day)
3Friday06 Sep 2019International G.K. Olympiad
4Saturday07 Sep 2019Rhymes Competition (Class L.K.G & U.K.G)
5Tuesday10 Sep 2019Muharram
6Wednesday11 Sep 2019Half Yearly Exam Begins
7Monday23 Sep 2019Inter House Basket ball Competition Begins
8Thursday26 Sep 2019Hindi Essay Competition (class 6 to 12)
9Friday27 Sep 2019Hindi Speech Competition (class 6 to 8)
October, 2019
Sl.No.Day Date Event
1Wednesday02 Oct 2019Gandhi Jayanti
2Thursday03 Oct 2019Inter House Kho-Kho Tournament Begins
3Saturday05 Oct 2019Rangoli Competition (Class 3 to 5)
4Monday07 Oct 2019Dasehara-Mahanavami (Holiday)
5Tuesday08 Oct 2019Dasehara-Vijayadasmi (Holiday)
6Wednesday09 Oct 2019Inter House Handball Tournament begins
7Saturday12 Oct 2019Parent Teachers Meeting/Staff Meeting
8Sunday20 Oct 2019Inter House Cricket Tournament begins
9Monday21 Oct 2019Christmas Programme
10Saturday26 Oct 2019Deepawali
11Sunday27 Oct 2019Deepawali
12Monday28 Oct 2019Goverdhan Puja
13Tuesday29 Oct 2019Bhai Duj
November, 2019
Sl.No.Day Date Event
1Friday01 Nov 2019Inter House Badminton Tournament Begins
2Sunday10 Nov 2019Id-ul-Milad
3Tuesday12 Nov 2019Guru Nanak Jayanti
4Thursday14 Nov 2019Children's Day
5Saturday16 Nov 2019Annual Concert (School Day)
6Thursday21 Nov 2019National Science Olympiad
7Sunday24 Nov 2019Christ the King Feast
8Saturday30 Nov 2019Quiz (Classes 1 to 8)
December, 2019
Sl.No.Day Date Event
1Sunday01 Dec 20191st Sunday of Advent
2Monday02 Dec 2019Feast of St. Franics Xavier
3Thursday05 Dec 2019International Maths Olympiad)
4Sunday08 Dec 20192nd Sunday of Advent
5Monday09 Dec 2019II Unit Assessment Begins
6Sunday15 Dec 20193rd Sunday of Advent
7Thursday19 Dec 2019National Cyber Olympiad
8Sunday22 Dec 20194th Sunday of Advent / Winter Vacation Beins
9Tuesday24 Dec 2019Christmas Eve
10Wednesday25 Dec 2019Christmas Day
11Saturday28 Dec 2019ISC Prelims (P) Begin
January, 2020
Sl.No.Day Date Event
1Wednesday01 Jan 2020New Year Day
2Thursday02 Jan 2020School Re-opens at 8:55 a.m.
3Monday13 Jan 2020ICSE Prelims Begin
4Tuesday14 Jan 2020Makar Sankranti
5Friday24 Jan 2020Speech Competition Republic Day Special (Class 9 & 11)
6Saturday25 Jan 2020Declamation Competition Republic Day Special (Class 6 to 8)
7Sunday26 Jan 2020Republic Day (Attendance Compulsory)
February, 2020
Sl.No.Day Date Event
1Saturday08 Feb 2020Campaign Against Hunger & Disease Annual Fete 2020
2Saturday15 Feb 2020Annual Science Exhibition 2020
3Friday21 Feb 2020Maha Shivratri
4Monday24 Feb 2020Final Examination Begins
March, 2020
Sl.No.Day Date Event
1Monday09 Mar 2020Holika Dahan (Holiday)
2Tuesday10 Mar 2020Holi (Holiday)
3Saturday21 Mar 2020Final Result (L.K.G to V)
4Tuesday24 Mar 2020Final Result (Senior Section))
5Tuesday31 Mar 2020Staff Meeting

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