• The student will be assessed on the basis of their class room performance and exams to ensure that the process of assessment is continuous, smooth and competent on each term.
  • Each term will comprise of a unit assessment and terminal exam.
  • A minimum of 40% in the final aggregate in every subject is required for promotion.
  • Promotion will not be granted to student failing in MORAL SCIENCE, G.K or SUPW.
  • Pupils who are detected giving or attempting to give or obtain unfair assistance whatsoever, during an examination, will have their result cancelled in that particular subject and may be asked to be withdrawn from the school.
  • A progress report will be issued after every assessment. The progress report of all the assessment & exams should be returned duly signed by the parents, within 3days of receipt.
  • Pupil absent from any test/examination will be considered to have failed in that be test/examination. No absentee will be re-examined. In case of illness a medical certificate should be submitted.
  • All students put in an attendance of at least 80% of the working days. Any pupil failing short of the required attendance will not be granted promotion to for consideration in promotion.
  • Any pupil failing two years in succession will be asked to leave the school.
  • In all matter of promotion or failure, the Principal`s decision is final and binding.(No argument by the parents for undeserving promotion will be entertained).
  • Those parents who are wish to withdraw their wards immediately after the result has been declared in the month of March have to apply for the transfer certificate by 10th of April failing which they have to pay a month`s fee in lieu thereof. Generally it takes a week after submitting the withdrawal form to issues the ‘Transfer Certificate ʼ.
  • Application for Transfer Certificate shall be made to the Principal by the parents/guardians of the pupil on the prescribed form.

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