Principal's Message

Dear members of the staff/students/parents/guardians,

I am very happy to tell you that St. Peter's School, Raebareli is taking another step ahead in launching a website of its own. This will give ample opportunities to our students and parents to interact with the teachers and enhance the learning capacities.

  The 21st century has been identified as the ‘Century of Knowledge’ with vast storage of information through the application of information and communication technology. We are becoming more and more ‘a people of global village’. Science and technology, mass media and communications, transportations and transnational cooperation all these make us come closer to each other. It is in this direction that we are moving, to make education a creative learning with latest innovative methods by applying appropriate technology to achieve the goal of excellence. It is a matter of pride and joy that St. Peter's school/ college is keeping pace with the rest of the world, changing with the ever evolving technological development and globalization. The old methods of rote learning have been replaced by audio visual presentations, hands on experience and an encouragement to analyze and practically apply what has been learnt. In this age of modern information Technology all the knowledge and information of all sorts is just a mouse’s click away on internet.

I take this opportunity to thank all the parents/ guardians for their constant support and cooperation.

I pay my humble obeisance to St. Peter - the Patron saint of our school.

May God Bless you all. V. Rev. Fr. Louis Mascarenhas

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