History of Church

St. Peter’s Church, Raebareli is situated on the Lucknow-Allahabad Highway. The history of St. Peter’s Church dates back to 1947 when Rev. Fr. Anacletus D’souza (the first parish priest) purchased a small piece of land at Chhajlapur village situated on the outskirts of Raebareli city and got a temporary room with thatched roof built and lived there for some years.

Fr. Anacletus’ interaction and friendly dealings with the (poor) people had an immediate effect on them and his popularity soon spread around the adjoining areas of Chhajlapur village and a large number of villagers flocked to him for their spiritual needs.

As the existing one room was insufficient, Fr. Anacletus bought another piece of land where he put up three rooms to accommodate the people for the prayer service and thus built the present Church. It was he who laid a solid foundation to enable people to profess their faith under one roof. He lived truly an austere life, making so much sacrifice with no proper food and normal comforts. This gives us an idea of the spirit of sacrifice and the noble service rendered by our Diocesan Missionaries.

In 1972 the Church was dedicated to St. Peter, the First Apostle of Jesus Christ. Subsequently the Ursuline Franciscan Sisters were invited to help in the Mission work. St. Peter’s School was founded in 1983, responding to the growing demands for a school by the general public of Raebareli. Presently the sisters are also rendering their service in school.

The present church was blessed and consecrated on 2nd May 2015.

The following is a list of Parish Priests who have worked tirelessly and unflinchingly in the Pastoral and Mission Activities.

1. Rev Fr. Anacletus D’souza 2. Rev. Fr. Stany D’souza 3. Rev. Fr. Thomas Serrao 4. Rev. Fr. Henry Suarez
(1983 – 1990)
5. Rev. Fr. Joseph Mascarenhas
(1990 – 1997)
6. Rev. Fr. Edward Goveas
(1997 – 2005)
7. Rev. Fr. Lawrence Fernandes
(2005 – 2014)
8. Rev. Fr. Louis Mascarenhas
(2014 – till date)

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